My birthday is in one hour :o x
To the asks sitting in my box:

I apologize for the delay! Our electric was shut off due to stupidity, so I don’t have a ton of access to my phone/internet, but! I have been answering the shorter messages.

The longer messages, will take me a bit to get to as I’d like to respond back with a thoughtful response, so once our electric is back on next week I will respond to those!

Thanks to everyone who’s been hitting me up!

Much love and posi vibes~

lol wow you suck x
questioning your gender?

the best advice i can think to give is to take your time with things and yourself! be patient with yourself; with your spirit. it’s a ton to process and you don’t have to come to a conclusion overnight.

take things slow with it - try going by a name you’re more comfortable with (if you’re uncomfortable with your current name), whether that be a male specific name or gender neutral, whatever you like! and see how that goes.

then maybe try experimenting with pronouns with someone you trust. life is full of amazing opportunities to explore within this world and within ourselves and each other, take the time to enjoy these opportunities.

out of everything that i’ve gathered thus far from transitioning, the most important to me have been patience, learning to/allowing myself to be honest with both those around me and myself, and self love.



i feel like i need to make a celebratory post on how well things have been going.

skylar ( imsorrycameron ) and i are both working at carey international, and we’re so happy to be around each other all the time. my family and i are becoming closer and slowly getting on better terms, our…

i’m so happy with the way things are going! hard work brings great rewards! :D


so i’ve got the next glorious beautiful 5 days off from work; plenty of video making time!

anybody have any requests or anything they wanna see? i’ve got some stuff i wanna make videos on already, but if you wanna see something just let me know yo!

i officially have $8.50 in my top surgery fund! x

Human beings are not black and white, so how can a medical condition/identity be defined or felt or dealt with in the same way?

I have learned to live and let live - I continue to believe that others will someday do the same.

just outta curiosity if you’re still lurkin around.. why is what i choose to include in my identity a shame to you? x
so stoked to open up from2men to the public!


I know I’m EXCITED!! I really love your new shirt design with the FTM black shirt.

yo just WAIT til you see the ones we have lined up for later!! i wish i could give a preview but i have to wait haha it’s SO sick tho!

i’ll be posting a photo next week modeling the black FTM shirt so yall can see how it looks on a body haha thank you and everyone else who has shown support!

dreams (of making art and getting top surgery) are finally starting to seem like they could be a reality!

especially since dakota got hired at carey too and started the 11th of august. ;]

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so stoked to open up from2men to the public! x
you are perfect to me. x
what am i waiting for? x


no one understands that we’re ride or die.

you might look at my relationship and say it’s unhealthy or we deserve better than each other but a true relationship is one where you’ll be fighting one moment, hating each other, but as soon as something else comes up you fucking stick together. in my…

this^ fuck those that don’t understand ride or die

dramatic as fuck x
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