can’t believe germany won x
stealth life~

bout to come out to one of my best friends who has no idea… wish me luck huh?

3 days off + video?

so, i have three days off starting tomorrow (uh so happy about this, you’ve no idea) and wanted to make a new video.

anything in particular i should talk about or mention?

let me knowwwwww~ by tuesday night ‘cause i’ll probably make it wednesday. :]

i am so sick of my lifeeeeee rn uhhhh x
homeless gay trans couple update!

hey guys! been awhile i know, but been busy working!

so this weekend we are buying more hemp stuff and other materials to start making those bracelets and stuff to send out to those who donated!

if you donated even a dollar to us back when we were homeless, please please please askbox me with your contact info!

i’m also going to reach out to all the emails that were used to donate to our paypal.

i’d like to collect preferred names+pronouns and shipping addresses this weekend as we will be sending stuff out over the next few weeks!


why is youtube such a piece of shit?

like seriously we still aren’t allowed to switch our goddamn email address for our channel to a different one? how is this possible? it’s 2014. get. it. together.

does anyone have any clue how to change your email address for a youtube channel? a major reason why i made a new channel is because i cannot have my personal email address connected to my TRANS youtube channel. but it’s such an fucking inconvenience ‘cause i have to start all over and then stupid google+ forces people to use their real last name so now that’s gonna be out in the open and there’s nothing i can do about it.

thanks google+ ya piece of shit

father’s day is a horrible day for me. x
summer is here, my family’s here, and i’m so stoked to spend the summer skatin’ with my brother x
anybody got any merchant ships merch they tryna sell?

get at me! been tryna score some for a couple years and nada »

idk what to do anymore. x
just an fyi i’m 99% sure i’m gonna be leaving youtube..

at least for awhile.

there is so much peen on my dash rn…

n i lov it :>


so much wifi,
dont know what to do with it.
nap time after long work day.

thank you for calling.

thank you friends and friendly strangers

because of you and your wonderful hearts and donations, dakota and i were able to get a cheap room for a couple nights to get out of the cold, shower (much needed, let me tell you!), and have a couple hot meals.

we can’t thank you enough for those who are sharing and donating to help us out!

we want you to know that every $1 sent is helping us so much and we are truly overwhelmed by the show of support and compassion from those who have reached out to us and we cannot wait to start making hemp things to send out!

if you’d like to stay updated, whether you donated or not, on our situation and plans, feel free to follow me here and/or instagram (@imsorrycameron)!

we feel we are going to come out of this as changed people and that is because you’ve restored our faith in humanity, the faith that was taken after everything that’s happened.

sending out lots of love to all of you!

skylar, dakota, and dawson (the chihuahua)

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