thank you friends and friendly strangers

because of you and your wonderful hearts and donations, dakota and i were able to get a cheap room for a couple nights to get out of the cold, shower (much needed, let me tell you!), and have a couple hot meals.

we can’t thank you enough for those who are sharing and donating to help us out!

we want you to know that every $1 sent is helping us so much and we are truly overwhelmed by the show of support and compassion from those who have reached out to us and we cannot wait to start making hemp things to send out!

if you’d like to stay updated, whether you donated or not, on our situation and plans, feel free to follow me here and/or instagram (@imsorrycameron)!

we feel we are going to come out of this as changed people and that is because you’ve restored our faith in humanity, the faith that was taken after everything that’s happened.

sending out lots of love to all of you!

skylar, dakota, and dawson (the chihuahua)

if you’re going to send hate:

please take a moment to at least read the “why donate” post i made. if you don’t know me, our situation, and are planning to send hate just stop.

there are better things i could be doing than reading your hate and there are better things that you could be doing than sending it.

if you have a legitimate question or concern, then ask box away! :]

hey friends!

just a quick little update! we are doing fine, warm, with full bellies (dawson too!). we got to visit tucker, our little lion cat tonight which was really nice as we haven’t seen him in two days!

today we heard through the grapevine that our ex-housemate, the one who caused us to be in this situation, is in the hospital - again. apparently her drinking has only gotten worse since we became homeless and she has been trashing the house, causing havoc, and ended up blacking out only to wake up to call 911 to say she was attacked. now she is back in the psych ward (she has been there several times in the last year alone).

i would say i’m happy that karma got her back, but i think it takes too much energy to feel negatively towards another and yknow? at the end of the day regardless of what she had done, i just pity her. and it’s not karma, it’s her own actions towards others and herself.

i hope she does find her happiness one day, enough of it that maybe she will pull herself out of this drunken spiral and save herself because no one can help her until she’s ready to help herself.

anyway, thank you to everyone who has shared our post! i can’t believe it already has 200+ notes and still going!

this is truly an amazing thing to witness and i think i will talk more about it tomorrow. for now i must go, dakota is ready for sleeps so off to a well lit parking lot we go. ;]

good night friends!

many hugs and good vibes be with you,
skylar, dakota, and dawson

p.s. i will answer more asks tomorrow! and for the time being i will be publicly posting non-anon asks unless you ask me to keep it private which i would be happy to do for anyone. i’m posting them publicly and tagging them so i can try and keep track of those that donate to later contact them about the hemp things we will later make! :]
attn: silas aka barredowlboy

hey! you say you live in frederick, md too? i tried ask boxing after following you back you but your askbox isn’t open! hit me up on here or email ( if you wanna chat and possibly hang out soon, we have hella free time this week/weekend!

faith can move mountains. x
i’m in the middle of making the donations button and a page going into detail about everything but had to take a break to give attention to our pup, so for now ignore any broken links! i’ll have it proper soon! :] x
i wish that i could fly. x
homeless gay transmale couple in maryland update!: hello! my name is skylar (some also know me as garrett) and a few days ago i made a post on here about my boyfriend, our chihuahua, and myself becoming homeless and living in our car due to our having to leave a dangerous transphobic environment because our housemate found out my transgender status. we just wanted to thank everyone who has reached out to us and who has reblogged and shared that post!

so here is an update on the situation, friends! we are doing all right, for the most part! currently we are in the car, warm with full bellies so what much more could we really ask for?

our tax refunds should arrive in 2-3 weeks now and we are just patiently waiting for that while still looking for short term shelter options and just trying to survive.

we have had several folks, friends and strangers, say that if we had a donation button then they would donate a couple bucks to help us stay afloat and we’ve decided to give it a go, what can it hurt?

the way i see it is $2.12 will buy us dinner (no joke!), so if someone has 2-3 bucks that they can spare and want to spread the wealth, now they can!

not only that, but for every donation (so long as it’s not an anonymous donation), we are planning on sending out handmade hemp things as a thank you once we are settled in a new place in a month or two. smaller donations will get handmade keychains and then higher donations will receive bracelets and higher still will get a necklace!

i will be working on a donation button tomorrow when i can get access to wifi on our laptop but in the meantime if you have a paypal and would like to send a couple dollars, feel free to askbox me, email me at, or just transfer it to my paypal with the email

feel free to follow me on here and instagram (@imsorrycameron) for updates! and feel free to message or email me to cheer us up, we love online company and positive messages make us smile!

thank you all for the amazing support. posi vibes, mad hugs, and much love!

-skylar and dakota

p.s. we are still looking for a couch or floor to sleep on if anyone has one available near frederick, md. also looking for someone who would be willing to foster our cat as he cannot live in the car with us. we have food for him and litter.

tomorrow begins what will probably be the most exhausting week of my life. x
i wish we had a boat, then we’d just sail away. :] x
dak and i are gonna buy a boat. x
happy imbolc friends

may all love and peace be with you and may spring hurry hurry hurry ‘cause my bones are tired of this winter cold.

sometimes i feel like i treat my boyfriend more like a bro than a boyfriend. x

dakota and i are opening a shop soon selling body jewelry and tobacco pipes. buying some merch this weekend. hyped~

still sick as fuck with this flu

but my bbs been taking real good are of me. he’s the best boyfriend :)

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